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Student Feedback


DCE 614 New Media Technology in dance education

“During the six days of this course, I was introduced to many new forms of technology and advanced skills in technology I knew already. Each day, I felt competent enough in each form of technology to be able to go off on my own and continue exploration or to implement into my classroom. The discussions we had has a class were extremely beneficial and helped provide new ideas for implementing technology into my classroom."

DCE 656 P-12 Dance Education: Critical Thinking 

“Fantastic use of various choreographic strategies, chance to learn from a MASTER educator’s techniques for teaching, was encouraged and energized throughout!" 


“I thoroughly enjoyed this course! Through the required readings and articles, I felt the material provided tons of new perspectives, found new ways to promote healthy and productive environment for student learning and outlined great structures for classes. I felt the course was guided really well and the lectures, movement classes and readings flowed very smoothly." 


“It has prepared me to be the best dance educator I can be in the classroom with my students."


“This course contained Laban movement analysis and brought forth new ideas of generating choreography into the classroom, while being mindful of expanding upon our own knowledge of creating choreography." 


"All of the assignments were higher order thinking, challenging and rewarding, and very creative."


"I loved how the course required feedback from peers and encouraged conversations that shifted some of my viewpoints and thoughts, which helped me to look at my ideas with a new perspective. The entire course was positive, starting from the teacher, which then trickled down to all the students."

"I felt that the entire course ran smoothly and provided enough information that made me feel fresh with ideas, interested in certain choreographic practices and more confident in providing ways for students to feel comfortable in producing work." 


DCE 662 Practicum in Teaching Dance

"Always enjoy having great feedback from someone as knowledgeable as Dr. Parrish. It is apparent she really does spend time looking into each assignment submission in order to give the highest leverage feedback."

"This course expanded my knowledge and pushed me as a dance educator." 


DCE 530 Pilates: Movement Fundamentals for Dance

"I learned more about strengthening specific muscle groups to help advance my training."

"Mila is the highlight of my week. She genuinely cares about your progress and well-being, and she is so knowledgeable about Pilates and the body that you know that she is imparting vital information each class." 

“It really taught me to appreciate and understand this form of art. This course really made me aware of the muscles and how to engage them."


DCE 259 Introduction to Laban Movement Analysis

"Mila is very knowledgeable in everything that she teaches and goes above and beyond as an instructor. The Laban Movement course has helped give me depth as a dancer. I now have a newfound connection to my breath and core which I did not have prior to taking this course. She makes the subject fun and engaging and is very easy to communicate with. I have gained through this course a new connection between mind and body and a new lens to view dances from. I have gained an extensive vocabulary and understanding of choreography and the dynamics of movement. I hope to be able to learn more from Mila in the future before graduating from UNCG." 

"I enjoyed the readings that were read aloud to the class. I also found the articles and handouts given in class to be materials that I will keep and use over and over again as reference throughout my career." 

"Mila Parrish is an amazing teacher who cares for her "labanistas" and knows how to get her points across."

"I would love for this class to be a Monday/Wednesday/Friday class so we can have more time together to delve and discover more about ourselves and the material." 

Absolutely loved the instructor and the class!!

"Mila was my favorite professor. She was so kind and understanding. I would definitely recommend this course. I would definitely take another course that Mila was the professor of."

"I learned a lot about Laban Movement and Analysis. Mila was always very quick to let students lead the discussion. I learned a lot about how my breath works with my body to help me move in a more natural or organic manner. Mila also helped me to improve my improvisation skills." 

"I have a deeper understanding of Laban Movement analysis and how to use and manipulate for my future (in a positive way)."

DCE 660 Issues in Planning Dance Curriculum

"Dr. Parrish exemplifies the idea that if work isn’t excellent, it isn’t finished and gave us many opportunities to revise and re-revise based on multiple rounds of feedback (which I appreciated because I feel as though that’s how I learn the most.) Truthfully, this course inspired me to design and implement a unit that I never would’ve even CONSIDERED without this course, and I am especially grateful for that opportunity to try something (under the guidance of a master teacher) that was totally foreign to me!"

"Dr. Parrish gave excellent feedback that showed she had dived into each submitted assignment on a far deeper level than many courses. It was clear that her main objective was to figure out what our greatest strengths and greatest growth areas both as teachers and as students and especially to push us in the areas we need to make the most growth."


"This course pushed me to analyze and reflect over curriculum and my practices as a dance educator. This course really made me think about my planning and how to link lessons and activities to specific learning outcomes. While forcing me to think critically, I discovered new ways to guide my students in critical thinking."

"This class has enabled me to think critically about my teaching and really take a step back and analyze my methodologies while implementing various curricula with my students."


DCE 655 P-12 Dance Education: Choreography

"This course has improved my ability to use evocative language to describe dance and its many facets. I appreciate the way that the assignments gave multiple tries to improve in the lessons. 

I learned more on how to speak about dance movements in a more simple way. I also learned how to write about dance I was watching." 


"This course helped me find different ways of moving and choreographing based on the guidelines of Laban Movement Analysis."

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